It’s been 50 days since A Path Appears, the new book by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, was released and we have been overwhelmed by the great reviews and comments about the ways it has inspired many.

As we begin our path towards the documentary series premiere in January we want to celebrate the acts of social good you’ve participated in and the new commitments you’re making.

Share your story today:

  1. Choose the platform  you would like to share your story with: FacebookTwitter or Instagram
  2. Share a story that helps others understand your path to social good using the hashtag #MyPath
  3. A picture is worth more than 140 characters! Share your #MyPath message with a selfie or a photo of your choice.

To look at what others are doing, search for the #MyPath hashtag on your social media platform of choice.

Sometimes it’s the little things we do that are “no big deal” for us that can make a world of a difference to others in need. Giving doesn’t only have to mean contributing to a charity, it can be anything from donating old books to devoting your time to a good cause. Share the change you’re making and inspire others to find their own path to helping the world become a kinder place.

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