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HELP: It sounds like a miracle, but it isn’t

Elice Oreste grew up in a remote, mountainous region of Haiti called Labiche. When he was born, Labiche had no roads, no utilities and no schools. Few in his community, including his parents, had ever been to school. Luckily for Elice, a local resident who had been educated, came back to the area and started […]

Your voice matters on Capitol Hill

A friend of mine took her first job in a congressional office this spring, after many years working in D.C. “What surprised you most behind the scenes on Capitol Hill?” I asked her just a few weeks into the new role. Without missing a beat, she answered, “How much influence just one constituent can have.” […]

Let’s Honor Mothers this May!

It’s that time of year, when we honor all women around the world! We hope you will join our new fundraising challenge to celebrate. If you raise over $200 for one of our partners investing in moms, you will have a chance to win one of Liza Donnelly’s one-of-a-kind sketches tweeted during the television premiere of A Path […]

The Case for Clearing the Rape Kit Backlog

Thirty years ago, I was the victim of a violent crime I did not expect to survive. Two men came through my window. They had a knife. I was blindfolded and tied up with a phone cord. It was terrifying and dehumanizing, and I probably survived because the blindfold kept me from identifying them. After […]

Addressing Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence

Emerging from an abusive relationship, Denise wanted her three children to leave that life behind, too. And giving them the resources they need to help them avoid the same path in their own lives was just as important. Childhood exposure to domestic violence (DV) often has adverse effects on a child’s development and well-being. Children […]

A Path Appears in the “House”

When A Path Appears premiered on PBS in January, it highlighted the success of early childhood intervention by such organizations as Nurse-Family Partnership and Save the Children. In particular, episode two follows Jennifer Garner and Nicholas Kristof as they visit a West Virginia home with Save the Children’s Tonya Bonecutter and meet Johnny Weethee and his […]

Making Way for Local Efforts

Many of the great experiences in my life have seemingly happened by accident, but my foray into humanitarianism was serendipitous, or dare I say, some kind of divine guidance. Now that you are done rolling your eyes, let me explain. I was neither led to humanitarian work through academia nor the preoccupation of religiousness. To […]

Transitioning from the Life to My Life

As a survivor, I have often faced people who do not take my voice seriously; people who think, “Once a ho, always a ho.” For a while, I believed that too. Now I know different. My story of survival began in Boston in the 1970s. A light-skinned, African-American girl, I was taunted by neighborhood kids, […]