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Prepare for Success: Read Aloud

In a bustling waiting room, Daria, a young mother, finds a space, pulls a rug from her bag and lays it on the floor. She gathers together a group of young children, sits them down around her, pulls out a brightly colored book, and begins to read to them. What is remarkable about this scene […]

It Starts With A Monument

Most stories we read about maternal deaths are from the developing world. How shocking would it be to learn of a neighbor, friend, or close relative who lost her life while giving birth here in the U.S.? Here’s an example: Despite living close to a hospital in Arizona, young Melissa faced significant challenges during her […]

Every Person Has a Right to Health

My mother, Azucena Escoto, lived a life typical of women in Nicaragua’s impoverished rural communities.  Married and a mother at the age of 16, she became the sole provider for her young family of seven children when my father left us just ten years later. The town I grew up in, Mina El Limon, is […]

Its Never Too Late

Vietnam changed my life – Twice! The first time I was an infantry platoon leader immersed in one of the United States’ longest and ugliest wars. I lost my innocence. At 24-years old I learned violence and commanded violent men, who wrought brutality on people different from us. But at the time we thought that we were […]

Mayweather vs. Boycotters: The Fight Against Domestic Violence

As this Saturday’s Pacquiao-Mayweather boxing match fast approaches, there has been talk about Floyd Mayweather and his history of domestic violence. Longtime partner Josie Harris says she suffered abuse from Mayweather on six occasions, and former fiancé Shantel Jackson filed a civil lawsuit that include claims of battery, false imprisonment and allegations that the boxer […]

Making Way for Sustainable Impact

“If I die BASE jumping,” Bryan Swick Turner wrote in a letter addressed to his closest friends, “Please, and I cannot emphasize this enough, do everything you can to help end extreme poverty by 2030 and do your utmost to achieve sustainable development beyond that. Don’t waste time being upset about my dying; be upset […]

One World. One Story.

I’m the fourth generation of a newspaper family. My great-grandfather saw journalism as a public service and passed that journalistic tradition to my grandfather, and then to my father. As an intern at the family papers, I decided I wanted to be a photojournalist. My career started in Rwanda in 1994 – a sinister time […]

How Volunteering Helped Me Find My Path

Will I ever reach my full potential? This was the question that used to keep me up at night, and it was especially persistent on paydays. I liked my old job, but I wasn’t passionate about it, and deep down I knew it wasn’t making the world a better place. Every time I got paid […]

It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll… and Gynecologic Cancer

It wasn’t too many years ago that talking about breast cancer was uncomfortable, even taboo.  Now, nearly everyone knows pink means breast cancer prevention and manufacturers of everything from kitchen mixers to lipsticks offer “pink products.” Male professional athletes even drape themselves in pink uniforms and jerseys to raise awareness. Clearly, we’ve grown accustomed to […]