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Making Bookmarks for Literacy

What’s your favorite book? Most of us probably don’t give a second thought to how amazing it is that we can read the thoughts of others, much less a street sign, the instructions on a package-or even this blog. We fire off text messages and write to-do lists.  Meanwhile, UNESCO estimates that 774 million adults (15 years and […]

Happy International Day of The Girl!

Eunice is in 5th grade at the Kibera School for Girls, and she is fiercely smart and creative. She lives in Kibera with her brother and parents, who grapple each day with challenges such as unemployment, high crime rates and poverty that are inherent in urban settlements. The challenging circumstances of Eunice’s childhood influenced her […]

A Man Leading A Women’s Movement

Gender-based violence against women and girls is a serious social issue in my country, Burundi. The majority of women and girls here endure rape, domestic violence, sexual abuse, human trafficking and discrimination. Poverty is prevalent but many other social and cultural factors have aggravated the plight of women in Burundian society. Despite the introduction of […]

Successful Ugandan Tailor Helps Mend the Fabric of Her Torn Country

Guerrilla group leader Joseph Kony’s unspeakable atrocities threw Uganda into darkness for decades. Thousands of women and about 65,000 children and youth were kidnapped. Some were used for sex slaves and soldiers. Schools were systematically destroyed, beginning with schools for girls. Thousands were killed, and about two million people were displaced. But now, Ugandan women, such as tailor-turned-entrepreneur Angela Adeke, are rising […]


Welcome! We’re so pleased to announce Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn’s new book, A Path Appears, which will be released Sept. 23 (and is available for pre-order now). A Path Appears follows the release of Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, which looked at the challenges that women and girls face as […]