Zoeller M53 Sump Pump Review

Based in Kentucky, Zoeller is a pump manufacturing company that started over as a family owned company seven decades ago. It’s one of the oldest pump manufacturing companies in the United States of America.

The Zoeller M53  is one of the most popular choices amongst the plumbers and contractors out there. Once you install it, removing it isn’t going to be that easy. Even though it’s a good thing, it also means that you need to go over the instructions carefully so that you don’t make any mistakes during the installation.

What’s the brief description of the Zoeller M53?

Keeping the basement dry and the risk for flooding minimal is essential, which is why investing in an efficient and dependable sump pump is a wise thing to do.

The Zoeller M53  moves water faster than the significant majority if pumps out there, passing the durability test. Not only that it’s dependable and robust, but the Zoeller M53  is also affordable, which explains its popularity amongst the professionals and homeowners.

Let’s check closer the details!

the Zoeller M53It’s easier for one to understand the reliability and overall value of the Zoeller M53  when checking all the details of the sump pump.

  • Build and design features

With the sump pump having to run correctly in damp conditions, it’s natural that the outer part of the sump pump to be able to take the constant flow of water. It’s pretty standard for the internal components to handle an impressive load of pressures.

Unlike other competitors, the Zoeller M53  comes with a cast iron covering that protects the entire structure of the motor. The cast iron makes the heat dissipate instantly into the water, fast and efficiently. The cast iron also protects the internal elements. Coated and dried with epoxy that eliminates the risk for corrosion (long time submersing in water causes corrosion), the cast iron impresses with the build.

A small hole on the bottom of the sump pump is going to let small amounts of water go through, without entering inside the body of the sump pump. Therefore, the risk for an air pocket developing between the switch guard level and the discharge above is rather low.

  • Main outer elements: handle, discharge, and power cord

The Zoeller M53  is rather easy to carry around as it features a stainless steel handle. The power cord is almost 10ft long and has a strong and durability feel to it. Thanks to the sturdy build, the risk for electrical accidents is quite low.

The sump pump includes a 1-1/2in NPT discharge that takes most of the standard PVC or other pipes.

The 4pole motor helps the sump pump capable to deliver 1/3 horsepower with 1550RMP of maximum speed. According to the experts, it’s the highest power to obtain from a sump pump. We also notice an overheating switch that makes the longtime use safe with low risk for overheating.

The pump is entirely sealed hermetically, whereas a shaft seal made of carbon and ceramic doesn’t allow oil leaking from the motor. It also keeps the water or debris away from the inside of the sump pump.

  • Impeller, switch, and safety features

You may go with a cast iron impeller or a plastic impeller (glass filled metal insert). There is no clogging, and the performance is uniform. The grooves of the impeller help the motor draw water effectively, with minimal chance for blockage from the solid particles or the high water pressure.

Another great thing about the Zoeller M53  is the ability to switch on/off, through the switch assembly automatically. A float links to the two pole switch (a vertical extrusion on the sides) — the motor switches on when the float rises due to the rise of water level. The float is made with long-lasting polypropylene, ensuring smooth operation in numerous situations.

The sump pump also features a switch guard for free operation without the common issues of the enclosure. The switch guard sticks out like a handle, providing free service. You need to change the switch guard from time to time, but it’s rather easy to do.

The shortlist of features

shortlist of features zoller M53 sump pumpIf you like the technical details and the lists, check the list down below as well:

  • Horsepower: the Zoeller M53 includes a 1/3 HP motor, so it removes a high amount of water faster than the competitors
  • Switch type- it’s a cast iron switch case for the sump pump, which is both easy to use and long lasting
  • Discharge capacity- it presents 1.5” discharge ability and enough space between the feet and the intake to the pump. The vertical float is good and doesn’t get stuck
  • Oil filled motor- the pump comes with the oil-filled engine and thermal overload for reliable performance
  • NPT discharge- there’s a 1 to 1/2in NPT discharge that may pass up to 1/2in of circular residues
  • Switch type-the Zoeller M53 comes automatic and float activated switch. The pump stars running even if you’re not there
  • Vortex impeller- the pump has 1/3 HP cast iron housing plastic vortex impeller that never clogs. The power cord is 9ft long.
  • Build- the powder epoxy coating, and the Stainless Steel fasteners give the durable construction.
  • Life span- the pump is made with high-quality elements that explain its durability and impressive performance.

Is it easy to install? How is the use?

Installing the Zoeller M53  is rather straightforward as you only have to connect the 1-1/2” threaded fitting to the discharge pipe. You put the pump in the pit so that it’s level and the float isn’t touching anything. It’s also essential that you install the check valve and drill a relief hole (about 3 /16″ in diameter).

The sump pump runs rather quiet, and you’re not going to hear it even when you’re only a few feet away. As long as everything goes smoothly, the Zoeller M53  should run for 7-15 years.

What are the pros? Are there any cons?

Even if you may anticipate the right things on the Zoeller M53, here’s a short list of the good aspects:

  • The cast iron is durable and has no risk for corrosion
  • The sump pump is tightly sealed
  • The 1/3HP motor is strong and runs smooth and quiet
  • The power cord is secure and long
  • The sump pump features a solid handle for more portability

Bells and whistles aside, here are the parts we like less about the pump. Even though they’re not deal breakers, you should have the complete picture of the sump pump:

  • After some time, the switch may get stuck to the pump, causing the sump pump to run without stopping. You may have to change the switch after some time.
  • Even though professionals may find the installation straightforward, a regular consumer may have to follow all the instructions for best results.

What’s our final take on the sump pump?

The Zoeller M53  impresses with the robust build, the powerful and silent motor, but also with the attractive price, considering the overall value. A sump pump is a reliable option for both regular consumers and professional plumbers. It has the right discharge size, automatic operation, an overheating switch, and many other features that explain the reliable performance for many years to come.

On top of everything else, every single sump pump is run under water and pressure tested to identify any problems of leaking. Whenever you have some expensive equipment in your basement, incredible finish, or anything valuable in the basement, you should consider installing the Zoeller M53. Cleaning a flooded basement is no picnic, and you don’t want to find it the hard way.

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