Vandal-Proof Cameras- The 101 Talk


One of the risk’s you’re taking when installing outdoor security cameras is the damage that intruders/vandals could make to your security cameras. Suffice to say, there are ways to protect your security cameras from vandals so scroll down for the details.

Do you need to install vandal-proof cameras?

as CCTV systems are more and more popular, it’s only natural that they’re also more exposed to vandalism. Many burglars and thieves are doing their best to cover their burglaries by damaging the security system with some iron bars or pure force.

Both outdoor and indoor security cameras may be damaged at night, but good quality infrared vandal-proof cameras with high quality night vision are still going to capture the intruders, with no damage whatsoever for the cameras.

The outdoor IP camera is exposed to plenty of damaging factors and vandalism is just one of them. Protecting them from damage is essential for the efficiency of your CCTV system

Can you get vandal-proof security cameras?

Vandal proof security cameras or CCTV cameras are the IP cameras that fit the metal housings of the vandal-proof dome covers. This way, the lens is going to be protected against various physical abuse or maltreatment.

What counts on a vandal-proof security camera?

Some think that the outdoor security cameras are more exposed to physical tampering than the bullet cameras as the dome cameras present a transparent dome cover.

Truth be told, vandal-proof dome security cameras come in a tough metal casing and long lasting polycarbonate domes, so they’re able to handle the roughness.

We also have an international standard that states the capacity of camera enclosure when it comes to external mechanical impact. This is the IK code and it should help you when choosing your security cameras.

It makes sense that the higher the digital goes, the abler your IP camera is for handling vandalism.

The IK code is used for defining the enclosure vandal resistance and the housing, especially in the case of outdoor vandal-proof dome cameras. The damage and impact for their dome covers is pretty easy to do.

How to protect your vandal proof security cameras?

Simply installing vandal-proof security cameras isn’t going to be enough so you need to keep in mind few aspects that count:

  • The placement

Where you’re going to place your vandal proof security cameras is also very important. If you’re going to install them within arm’s reach, your camera is going to be a lot easier to damage.

You should place the vandal proof security cameras somewhere where the intruders cannot reach. The ceiling is a great spot, for instant. Go with the elevated areas of the external walls as you’re going to keep the risk for damage at bay.

Place your outdoor vandal-resistant dome cameras in places difficult to reach by the intruders. Do it without compromising on the quality of the image, nevertheless. You still want the best viewing angles and to cover the areas of interest. Don’t install them until you know exactly what you’re trying to protect with your security cameras.

The less obvious your cameras are, the lower the risk for them to be vandalized.

  • The installation

In order to handle the possible damage and physical mutilation a lot better, you need to mount the vandal-proof camera housing around the outdoor camera.

You may also attach the outdoor tamper proof camera to the ceiling or to the concrete, using screws for reducing the risk of knocking down the camera in no time.

ptz-cctv-cameraFixing PTZ cameras or wireless security cameras really tight on ceiling/wall is going to help them take vandalism a lot better.

  • The dummy vandal proof doom security cameras

Some strongly suggest installing fake/dummy vandal proof security cameras, in order to mislead the intruders or to simply keep them away from your property. Not everyone goes with this plan, so the debate is still on.

Even if it’s not solid proof, the efficiency of fake outdoor security cameras is more impressive than one may think. many convicted burglars admit that they avoid the houses with obvious CCTV systems.

Nevertheless, you should only rely on the fake cameras as you may never know what unfortunate incidents may develop.

Bottom line, the fake security cameras may help but you don’t want to rely only on them. It’s a good idea to place a fake camera outdoor right in front of your home, but go the extra mile and also install vandal-proof IP security cameras for really protecting your house.

What’s the final line?

The more we install security cameras, the more vandalism on private/public outdoor security cameras has been reported, so we need to try to be one step ahead.

Installing an outdoor vandal-proof security camera system is a wise investment and you should pay the extra buck for protecting your loved ones.