The Importance of Sump Pump Battery Backup

A flooded basement isn’t something you want, and when power is gone, your sump pump is out as well. The sump pump needs power for running, as it’s going to eliminate excess water from your basement and the foundation of your home. A battery backup seems like the perfect solution as it’s going to make the sump pump running even if the power goes out, keeping your home dry and intact.

What are sump pumps in a nutshell?

Sump pumps are great tools to protect the basement from flooding during the spring snow melting or in a case of heavy rainfall. No matter how you’re protecting your home and your items, you need the sump pump to keep on running, even if the power goes down.

Why are the Sump Pumps so important?

The Sump Pump is fundamental for eliminating the flooding matter, so using one is, especially when you live in an area where heavy rains happen all the time.

As the water collects around the sump pit, the sump pump begins to work automatically, pumping water out from the pipe. It’s also reliable for flowing backwater away from your residence or property.

Why use  a sump pump battery backup?

With the power outages happening at any time, a battery backup seems to be just as crucial as your sump pump. The backup system uses a powerful battery so that the secondary sump pump can kick in whenever the primary sump pump can no longer perform.

When there’s too much water or the original pump cannot do it anymore, the sump pump battery backup is helpful. We cannot predict disasters, so you should always have a backup plan for your appliances.

Your primary sump pump may fail, and you may not even realize it. Soon enough, the water collects in the home, resulting in flooding. Cleaning and doing all the fixes afterward is going to empty your wallet, for sure.

A battery backup sump pump is going to eliminate the risk for flooding, even when the power goes down. The selling point for the battery-powered tools is that they run even in case of power outage.

You shouldn’t worry about being around and having to turn it on. The sump pump battery backup is going to turn on automatically, the moment the power goes out, giving control to the primary sump pump. It’s all for keeping the basement dry and clean.

How do you know that the sump pump battery backup is good?

the sump pump battery backupEven though the majority of options isn’t going to disappoint, you shouldn’t just go ahead and buy the very first sump pump battery backup that you meet. The main aspects to consider when selecting would be:

  • Easy to take care of

A sump pump battery backup is easy to install, and you don’t need to have professional-grade skill or knowledge for using it.

The battery system is easy to install, and you only need to fix it right. You should check the terminals and the battery water level as well.

You should also take a look at the status of the battery when the power goes out for a long time. The moment the battery goes down, it’s fundamental that you replace it asap.

  • Alert when in danger

Some battery backup systems include a useful feature so that it alerts you in danger, sending an alarm before an accident takes place. If a connection is loose or the switch isn’t functioning right, the backup system is going to send a notification. It’s a great function to have on the battery backup system as it ensures proper working for the sump pump, reducing the risk for repairing or cleaning when the system has no alert function.

It’s vital that you keep an eye on the battery backup system and give it some checks regularly. Pay attention and see when it’s about time to replace it. You want the backup system to work efficiently so that the basement remains safe and secure even if you’re away.

How to choose the sump pump battery backup?

The sump pump battery backup is going to keep your home from flooding in case of power outages, but only if you install it right.

Some key features render the sump pump battery backup to be reliable and valid. Even though it’s a secondary sump pump system, it still has to come with basic features to sustain the primary sump pump system.

  • It’s self-test

Even though it sounds weird, you don’t want a sump pump to run seldom, as it may damage the pump. You can find sump pump battery backups that are made to test themselves automatically regularly. A sump pump that stays in the water all the time may break down, as opposed to a pump that runs continuously. It’s the corrosion, and the built upscale that causes the breakdown.

  • It’s pump capacity

Sometimes, the primary sump pump may have difficulties keeping the basement dry and clean, so the backup system has to pump enough gallons as well. Ideally, you’d want the backup system to be capable of pumping the same amount of water as the primary system. The majority of sump pumps may pump 35-60 gallons of water per minute, so you should get the backup with similar or even higher capacity.

  • Is it running on AC?

Some sump pumps battery backups run on a battery exclusively, which is a good thing. There are also batteries that run on the AC power that your home is generating, without depleting the battery. It’s not mandatory to get a sump pump battery backup that also runs on AC power, but if it does, you’re going to spend less for the replacing batteries.

  • It takes a secondary battery

On a heavy rainstorm, when the power goes out for many hours, you may need a battery backup that can also use a second battery. This feature is going to double the amount of runtime, keeping the sump pump running with no power needed.

When should you replace the sump pump?

The sump pump is made to last for 5-7 years. You should replace the old/damaged sump pump for maintaining the basement dry and the foundation intact.

The sooner you replace the sump pump, the better the chance for your basement to remain intact even in case of heavy rains.

Here are the signs that tell you that you need to change the sump pump:

  • Constant vibrating

The impeller draws water into the sump pump, but it’s also occasional debris, which may damage the sump pump after some time. When the sump pump is continually vibrating, the damaged impeller is the leading cause, so you should replace it.

  • Weird noises

A grinding sound or a rattling means that you should repair the pump. There are many causes for the strange sounds (jammed fan or a damaged impeller), so you should fix it right away.

  • Motor problems

Sometimes the sump pump may not run at all anymore, in which the internal wiring may be the leading cause. When the motor is stuck all the time, you should replace the filter.

  • The pump never stops running

When you’re under the impression that the sump pump never stops running, it being too small for your basement may be the leading cause. A faulty switch can also cause constant running, so make sure you check that too.

One last suggestion

Cleaning out the basement after a flooding isn’t cheap nor fun, so having a battery backup system for your sump pump is fundamental. Even if you may need some professional help for installing it, you should never undermine its importance and prepare for the worst (while hoping for the best!).

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