The Personal Growth – Some Useful Tips

The way you look at yourself is very special and complex and sometimes it’s a bit more challenging since you’re only seeing the things you’re good at. Listing your best talents isn’t always easy and you may find them in places you never thought to look. It may even be that you’re actually good at something that you’ve always thought you’re not good at. Exploring your talents takes time, but it’s fulfilling, for sure.

Here are some easy ways to get in touch better and easier with your skills and talents.

  • Take a look at your past

It’s not a bad idea to look at your past and the things you’ve done. Give a special attention to those that you really enjoyed and re-live the moments when you exceeded. Think of what brings you the utter pride when it comes to your success? When was the time that you felt so proud of yourself that you didn’t give a though on anyone’s thinking?

Try to give a thought on your childhood too. Try to remember what you liked the most, what brought you the biggest joy, what did people know you for? This may give you some hints about what your deepest talents and show various interests that you may develop.

We all have our challenges along our way and it’s not a bad idea to remember the difficult times and what were your solution. Challenging times may show some of your hidden skills. Maybe one of your friends had a serious injury while you were playing outside, but you remained calm and got help. Staying calm and perceptive in an emergency is an important talent that may serve you in so many other situations.

  • Write down the story of your life

Now that you took a look back at your life, you may want to write down about yourself. Not only you’re going to get a clearer view about your talents, but you also get to see the talents you need to improve. Write down about what you used to like when you were a kid, what were your favorite subjects when in school, what you really like doing after school.

You should also write about your life at the moment and where it’s heading at. Note the places you want to go, the words you’d like to be heard at your funeral.

Be creative in your writing and let your ideas flow. Write down all the things you’d like to do if you had all the money in the world. This may give you a hint about some of your hidden talents and interests too.

The exercise is going to show you not only your priorities and what you think of yourself, but it can also pinpoint what you want in your life, sustaining your efforts to focus on your talents and to accomplish your goals.

  • Remember the successful times

When you take a look at your past, try to give a special spot to the times you were successful. That time is all about some of your talents and you may never know when you need it again.

  • Keep your mind open to various paths

It’s not impossible to be so absorbed by our own talents and miss some of other skills that we may have. Talents are various and come in various shapes and sizes and don’t refer only to playing the guitar or dancing like a professional.

  • Make an idea about what you’re good at

What you like to do and what you’re good at are two different things. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your talents relate only to something that you like doing, as you may be good at things that you don’t really enjoy. This is why it’s important for you to really investigate what you’re good at.

You may have noticed by now that it’s easier for you to do some things, whereas some bring such an effort. It may be that sometimes you’re good at something without even knowing it. When it’s easier for you to do something, it means you’re good at it without having the idea.

  • What are the things you really enjoy?

Many of the things we like doing say something about our talents. Are you a good listener? Do you like give people a good feel about themselves? Even if you don’t see it, these are actually talents that you may want to explore.

Make a list of the things you like doping as it’s going to show you exactly what you like the most. Doing the things you like is going to help you improve your talents and use all that special knowledge you may have on the matter.

  • Ask your friends

Go ahead and ask your friends what you’re good at- as long as you know that they can be objective. Some people, even if they don’t know you very well, may give you their thoughts on your strengths. Count on your friend’s honesty and find out what they like the most about you.

  • Try new things

You should never stop looking for new talents. What’s great about human nature is that developing some new activities, out of your comfort, may help you find new talents that you had no idea about. Try to make time for new things and experiences all the time.

Take a good thought at your time at the moment. Try to see which are your priorities and plan so that you may try new experiences.

Make time only for you and yourself as self-discovery implies a lot of self-reflection too. No matter how much you like spending time with your friends, step away from anyone and enjoy your time alone only for discovering new things about yourself.

  • Study subjects that you’re interested about

Take a leap of faith and take a class that is about a subject that interests you as you may discover a talent that you never knew you had. It may also help you develop skills that are essential for improving a talent.

You may take various classes from websites, when you don’t have access to education resources. You may even try the community and technical colleges or your local community center, if you have the money and time for it.

  • Develop your current skills

We all have our skills at some point. Any skill may become a real talent, but it takes time to improve it and try it in various activities. Sometimes, you may need to only experience a part of your possible talent in order to make an idea of whether you want to develop that specific talent or not.

Let’s say, for instance, that you really like to add décor items around your house, to make it look nice and welcoming. You may very well turn this skill into a talent by studying up on interior design, play with some computer programs for interior designs. The more you’re investigate the skill and use it in various situations, the higher the chances for you to turn it into a talent.

  • Try some volunteering

The easiest way to go through life is to not experience new things and only limit yourself to what you know very well you’re able to do. Helping others in great and powerful ways is going to help you get a new perspective on things. You may even realize that your priorities just changed.

Try to volunteer in various projects so that you may explore and find new skills and talents. From woodworking, identifying plants, to reading or motivating people, the diversity of projects that you should involve is impressive so you only need the time and will to do it.

  • Travel as much as you can

Travelling is one of the most powerful experiences that you could ever try. It’s always challenging and teaches you things about yourself. This doesn’t mean that you should always take the easy path and go on a cruise or take a guided trip. The real experience is to go on your own. Try places you’ve never went to and let yourself go in the experience. Even though you may find it challenging at times, that’s the beauty of it. Find new activities and enjoy them. It may be that you discover new skills and talents as well.

Travelling doesn’t always have to be expensive as it depends a lot when, where you go and what you do as well. You may travel cheap if you’re not going far away from your home or get some benefits while travelling as well.

Backpacking, camping, hiking are also about travelling and what better way to find out something new about yourself but trying to survive in the outdoors as you’re lost and with no backpack anymore?

Step out of your comfort zone as that is where real life really begins. When you’re living the simple, quiet life, in a denial, you cut off your chances of becoming a better self. Welcome all the challenges, find the solutions to your problems and live your life at its best.