King & Queen Bed Sheets to Dress Up the Bedroom

Beddings and bedding ensembles dress up the bed. For different sized beds, there are king sheets, queen sheets, and bed sheets of varied designs and colors, and fabrics.  Apart from their eye appeal, these sheets have a practical purpose. These also protect beds from dust and soiling.  Here are some facts you should know about bed sheets.

Cotton Bed Sheets

Your bedroom is your refuge; it should be restful, and your bed however humble should have comfortable bed sheets and an attractive bedspread or coverlet with matching shams. If you spruce up your window with matching curtains, you put up a creative personal sanctuary that is also beautiful as well as comforting and comfortable.

To match your modest decorating efforts to give your bedroom and your bed a new lease in life, start with the bed. What ambiance do you want to create? When starting with your bed, start with comfortable cotton bed sheets as for the coverlet you can get something else – quilted, striped, bold and fancy or delicate pastel prints.

King sheets, queen sheets, and bed sheets were traditionally white sheeting to cover the mattress and cotton was a popular fabric used for the purpose. When the cotton industry rode on the boom of the spinning wheel and the cotton gin cotton sheets became available by the thousands of bales.

As technology advanced the quality of cotton improved but the best cotton until today is Egyptian cotton;  invest in a 300 thread count Egyptian sheet set, this will give you years of pleasure or should you say, a maximum return of investment?  Panipat is one good source for cotton sheeting but if you want luxury linens and bed sheets to try the flair of the French with Paloma Picasso or Yves Delorme bed sheets. You can find a good price online and have access to more designs and brands.

Cotton is mixed with other fabrics, so it is important that you take a closer look at the label. If the entire sheet is supposed 100% pure cotton for king sheets, queen sheets, and bed sheets, then the asking price will be generally higher than other types of cotton bed sheets and cotton blends.

The price of a cotton bed sheet is also determined by thread count. Above 300 the cotton sheet has a luxurious feel and luster. It is also sturdier. You will know if the thread count is high if you cannot see through the fabric even if you put it up against the light. To compromise, you can settle midway. Cotton bed sheets at a thread count of 250 are less expensive and still durable and soft. But you don’t have to pay so much for your bedding sheets, as we’ve managed to find these coupons at By using this coupons you can save up to 80$, which is a very good deal for you.

When purchasing your king sheets, queen sheets, and bed sheets, always be accurate about the bed’s measurement because not all bed sheets are uniformly sized. You might have a king sized or queen sized bed, but you might need a bed sheet that can adequately fit a thick or not-so-thick mattress. Measure the mattress on all sides and from top to bottom and some extra inches if you want a smooth yet secure fit.