Girl Gear Industries 69 Pink Tool Belt Review

Nowadays there is a great variety of tool belts of the different size and purposes for carrying all your needed tools and instruments. We want to make a brief review of the Girl Gear Industries 69 Tool Belt, which was specially designed in pink for those female constructors or field workers who care about their outfit. Tool belts are perfect solution for the field workers to make their work safe and easy. Initially tool belts were invented by professional carpenters to decrease the back stress and avoid the pain in the back after the hard working day.

This exclusive model is made in pink, but notwithstanding its pinky design it provides all the needed professional support the tool belt may provide. There are four large main pockets and six smaller pockets. The tool belt has the special loops for fixing and carrying the hammer and the drill.

It is quite impressively designed not only because of its color but also because of the material: it is made of leather suede, which will really last for ages and will provide the best durability the belt may have. Also, the natural leather material is really nice for skin and it ergonomic and handy, you would enjoy wearing it. The leather material is also great because it may easily be used in heavy duties.

The double padded belt provides needed air ventilation and is easily adjusted and fixed for different hip sizes – from 30 inches to 47 inches wide. Click here to read more about Girl Gear Industries 69 Pink Tool Belt on

Girl Gear Industries 69 Pink Tool Belt Features

  • 4 Main nail/tool pouches-Center pocket for: tape measure, nails or additional equipment
  • 6 Little pockets fit: pliers, screwdrivers, nail sets, files, pencils, etc.
  • 2 Durable hammer/drill loops
  • Heavy duty suede natural leather
  • 2 Polyweb belt with quick-release buckle fits hips 30 – 47

Girl Gear Industries 69 Pink Tool Belt Reviews

The smaller pockets are ideally designed for carrying a very small items and instruments like screws, nails, pencils, files, etc. There is a comfortable large pocket in the center of the belt, which is perfect for storing the measuring tapes and also to hang the hammer in the loop. And, the weight of this tool belt is only one pound without tools, which means extra light, non pressing feeling during the whole working day.

The pockets’ layout is really handy; you will not have to spend much time for searching the pockets. You may also change the pockets add something more or delete some useless ones. This tool belt is compatible with both right and left handed sides.

Plus to the pink tool belt you may also purchase other pink accessories, sets of instruments, working gloves, protecting cap or the pink knife. You may keep all your stuff including the keys and mobile phone in one of the safe and secure pockets of this belt.

The only is, you have to make sure that the pink color is not over-bleeding on the other clothes, but even if it does, you may easily wash it in the laundry.

The price will satisfy the needs of the most exacting customers – it may vary from around 27 USD to 50 USD depending on the special offers and the shop. Girl gear Industries 69 Tool Belt will definitely make you feel comfortable and unique even in the environment of the heavy duty construction sites, you will be seen with your pink tool belt.