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If you’ve been gardening for a while now, you may already know that a garden tool set is changing the game of your hobby. However, there’s a downside to it as many garden tool sets don’t come with a carrying bag or box that solves the carrying problem.

It’s only a matter of time until you need to get a garden tool bag. But which one is the best out there? The options are many, and there are a couple of factors that make the difference between a regular gardener tool bag and a dependable model.

What aspects matter when selecting the gardener’s tool bag?

An entry-level gardener may fall into temptation and get the first or the cheapest garden tool bag that they run in to. It’s a rookie mistake as there are a couple of things that give the overall value of the gardener tool bag:

  • Material

Durability probably lasts the most for a gardener tool bag, so it makes sense that the material used is durable so that you can carry all the heavy tools you need for gardening. Poor quality or not durable material aren’t going to serve this purpose, for sure.

There are three main types of pf materials used for the gardener tool bags nowadays: canvas, poly fabric, and nylon.

Even if the type of material is essential for the durability and strength of the gardener tool wrong, manufacturing is just as important. Look for a respected brand- you get a better chance of getting a good quality gardener tool bag.

  • Number of pockets

One of the reasons for which you’re getting a garden tool bag is the ability to organize your tools a lot better. Pockets matter for organizing your tools. You want your garden tool bag to have as many pockets as it can. If you already have a garden tool set, you should get a garden tool bag that matches the set. It’s not only the number of pockets that matters but the depth and size as well. Check them before making the final decision.

  • Number of zippers

Any garden tool bag today comes with at least one compartment with a zipper. The quality of the zipper is also to be considered, as a broken zipper is no use for anyone. Throughout your gardening, you’re going to zip/unzip a lot, so you want zippers that take excess usage. It’s better than you look for the double pull heavy duty zippers.

The number of zippers you need on the garden tool bag depends on your needs, but you should have at least two zipper attached sections on your garden tool bag.

  • Padding on the bottom

Most of the excellent gardening tools out there are made of metal, rending the garden tool bag to be heavyweight when loaded. As it’s supposed to be stronger and more durable, the garden tool bag should have padding on the bottom so that it doesn’t tear any time soon. The thicker the padding, the better the chance for the garden tool bag to take the use for the right amount of time.

  • The shoulder straps

A garden tool bag is designed for carrying it around while gardening, so the design and build of the shoulder straps can give the level of comfort. You want the shoulder straps to be well padded so that carrying the heavyweight tool bag is less strenuous for your shoulders. Therefore, don’t forget the padding of the shoulder straps when buying.

One last piece of advice before you go shopping

The variety of garden tool bags may be intimidating for an entry level gardener, but the selection should go smoother when considering the factors above. Having said that, scroll down for checking our top 5.

What are our Top 5 recommendations?

   1. Outdoor Multi Pocket Gardening Tool Kit Holder Oxford

Just because you go shopping on a tight budget, doesn’t mean that you’re going to get back home with a lemon. The Outdoor Multi Pocket Gardening Tool Kit Holder Oxford 10″ x 9″ Bag 4 Side Pouches is the perfect example of that as it manages to be dependable, despite its price.



As a matter of fact, the garden tool bag is quite a pleasant surprise for the money. It’s made with Oxford cloth that is sturdy and long lasting.

The design is functional for gardening, and the bag includes many pockets that you can use for the sprayers, hand tools, seeds, gloves, and everything else that fits the handy bag.

The bag features an elastic cord above pouches that are going to keep tools in place. It’s lightweight, and the fabric doesn’t pick up dirt. It comes with double handles for more comfortable carrying around the house or the garden.

Here’s what we like the most about the bag:

  • It’s made with good quality material that doesn’t get dirty easily
  • It features plenty of pockets for small gardening tools
  • It’s lightweight and functional
  • It’s dependable and affordable

The downsides aren’t significant:

  • The bag doesn’t stand on its own
  • It works for small tools

Beggars cannot be choosers, and for the buck, you’re paying, you get a dependable, functional, cute looking and lightweight bag to use when gardening.

   2. Ensign Peak Deluxe Gardening and Tool Tote Bag

A popular and reliable option for the gardeners out there is the Ensign Peak Deluxe Gardening and Tool Tote Bag.



The design of the garden bag is well thought out, and you get ten exterior pockets and four interior pockets for organizing your garden tools. Many gardeners are going to find the number of pockets great for most gardening needs.

You can use the garden tool bag for both indoor and outdoor gardening. The material is long lasting and the bag as a sturdy build. It’s made with suitable quality nylon that doesn’t pick up dirt. The kit doesn’t get dirty very fast, and it’s easy to keep it clean.

The center area is wide, and the tote stands on its own. The double handles make carrying easy.

The garden tool bag is padded for more durability, and it’s made to take a long time use in the garden.

Here’s our list of pros:

  • It has many interior and exterior pockets
  • It’s well-padded and well made
  • It’s sturdy and feels durable
  • You can use it for indoor and outdoor gardening

The cons aren’t major:

  • It only has handles and no shoulder straps
  • The pockets could be deeper

Regardless of the minor problems, the garden tool bag is still a dependable choice for gardeners, as it’s multi-functional, reliable, and long-lasting.

   3. Gardening Tool Storage Bag by Dorathye

Lightweight and very well made, the Garden Tote/ Gardening Tool Storage Bag by Dorathye is an excellent addition to any gardener’s list of accessories.



The bag is made with long-lasting material (600D Oxford cloth), which is breathable and very easy to clean. The breathability is essential, reducing the risk for the tools to rust.

The design is, and the bag is compact, managing to be efficient, despite the size. It has plenty of interior and exterior side pockets, helping you organize your garden tools.

The bag comes with handles, so it’s easier to grab it. The straps are comfortable and soft so that the strain and effort of your shoulder are lower.

It’s a -multi-functional garden tool bag that you can use for organizing tools for trimming, planting, and removing the stubborn weeds.

On top of everything else, the garden tool bag looks beautiful and has a durability feel to it.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • It’s made with durable 600D Oxford cloth
  • It includes many pockets for efficient organization of your garden tools
  • It comes with handles and straps
  • It has a smart design, it’s compact and looks nice

The inherent flaws are minor:

  • Some wished that the straps would be longer
  • The tool bag doesn’t stand on its own when empty

As the good outweighs the bad, the garden tool bag is a great option to keep in mind when shopping.

   4. Bucket Boss Gatemouth Tool Tote in Brown

For the gardener looking for a garden tool tote, the Bucket Boss Gatemouth Tool Tote in Brown is one option not to miss out on when shopping.

As it’s made with 600D poly ripstop material, the tote has a durable feel to it and looks very strong. Its design is, and there are so many pockets to use for effective organizing of your garden tools (16 tool loops interior, four exterior- one of them is with zipper). On top of everything else, the tote features three external mesh pockets. The mesh pockets are expandable.

The handle is made with steel, but it has foam rubber grip so that it doesn’t slip and feels comfortable at the same time. The garden tool wrong also includes metal tape measure clip, providing 11 liters of storage space.



The stitching is very well made, and the tote is ready to take excess use. The double wall is made with water-resistant fabric, so the tote is for outdoor gardening. The walls are reinforced with sturdy foam so that the tote keeps its shape and sits on its own.

Let’s take a look at the positive attributes:

  • It’s made with double and reinforced walls
  • The fabric is water resistant
  • It offers many pockets and mesh expandable pockets
  • The tote looks, and it’s very well made

The downsides aren’t deal breakers:

  • It’s a bit heavy
  • It has no shoulder straps

Sturdy, multi-functional, water-resistant, durable, and reliable for outdoor use for years to come, the garden tool tote is money well spent any given day.

   5. Martha Stewart Heavy-Duty Canvas Garden Bag

When functional isn’t enough for you, and you also care for the looks, the Martha Stewart Heavy-Duty Canvas Garden Bag may be the perfect choice for you.



The white canvas of the bag is appealing, turning the bag into a useful and beautiful looking garden tool bag. Despite its looks, the bag is durable and takes the constant use for gardening. It’s made with a heavy-duty canvas that handles the weight of your garden tools.

The garden tool bag is reliable for carrying small to medium-sized garden tools and various accessories. It provides 11in interior pockets and 6in exterior pockets.

The shoulder straps are long enough for carrying the bag quickly, with less strain for your shoulders. The stretch cord fasteners are highly functions, holding the tools.

The bag is easy to clean with a soft bristle brush, but some mild detergent or washcloth are solid choices as well.

Here’s the list of pros:

  • The bag looks very nice
  • The canvas is heavy-duty, and it’s easy to use
  • The bag provides many pockets of various sizes
  • The bag is functional and dependable

The cons are nothing to worry about:

  • Not everyone goes for the white color
  • The bag doesn’t have a hard bottom, so it doesn’t stand on its own

All in all, as it’s multi-functional, dependable, robust, and nice looking, the garden tool bag is still an excellent choice for gardeners that like gardening in style.

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