We are creating a video montage showcasing the voices of people performing Eunice Akoth’s new poem in hopes of reviving dreams and amplifying the voices of all young people around the world. We need your help! Get exclusive access to her new poem, film yourself performing an excerpt, and upload to social media with the hashtag #DreamOfMany. This is your opportunity to be part of a global poetry performance that will inspire thousands!


Eunice had a dream. That dream was powerfully captured in her first poem “My Dream” that inspired thousands of people around the world!

In April 2015, Eunice, a sixth-grader at Shining Hope for Communities’ Kibera School for Girls in Kenya, was invited to perform her first poem – originally featured on A Path Appears’ social media platforms – at the Women in the World Conference in New York City. The roar of the audience and the support from many others inspired Eunice to write a new poem about her journey and hopes for the future.


  • Access

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  • Film yourself

    Record yourself in a quiet location (or have someone record you) performing an excerpt of the poem with passion, bravado and guts!

  • Upload

    Three ways to submit your video:

    • Upload your Oscar-worthy performance to Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #DreamOfMany

    • Upload it to YouTube and tweet us the link at @apathappears

    • Email your video perfomance to [email protected] with the subject line, “I Recorded My Part for #DreamOfMany”

    (see submission tips below for more details)

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*We’ll be favoriting/liking and re-sharing your videos on our social media channels. The best performances will be added to a video montage of a poetry performance featuring Eunice. Read our submission tips to increase your chances of being included in the final video.


  1. Record video in a landscape format (horizontally).
  2. Limit the amount of background noise. If you have a microphone put it close to you so that we can hear you clearly.
  3. If you are recording yourself, put your recording device on something stable like a table, not your cat.
  4. Upload video to Facebook (make sure video is set to public), Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #DreamOfMany