12 Interesting Ways to Make Your Home Feel Comfortable

One of the things you need to consider when moving into a new house is how to make it feel like home. You got the right bed, the fluffy pillows, and even the nicest pictures are hanging on the walls. However, there’s still something missing, and you still don’t feel that comfortable.

Lost of ideas? Here are 10 ways that are going to make a house feel like home:

   1. It all started with the front of your house

Creating a nice feel for your house begins at the front of your home. The wreath on the front door is going to tell your guests so much about you and your family. It’s the first chance to make a nice impression.

Go with a personalized wreath as it’s going to remind you constantly how unique and special you and your home are.

The front door is a sneak peek at the inside of your home, and you should coordinate it (color, style, feel) with the inside of your home.

   2. Take a look at the walls

The colors of the walls count a lot for your comfort. Even if some wild colors make a great first impression, soon enough you’re not going to feel that comfortable anymore. Go with the greys and the lighter shades on the ceiling- they create a calmer feel in any room.

Some go with white walls on three sides of a room and one accent wall, for a more dramatic feel (a shade darker than the other ones). You may go with this combination when your living room is rather big. Don’t be afraid to get creative when choosing the colors of the walls. It’s your home, and it should have “you” written all over it.

Don’t forget to clean the walls every six months. Clean walls help with your spirit, you know?

   3. Install soundproof curtains

install soundproof curtains

Nobody likes the sound of cars running past their home. We’re pretty much sure that many go for a quitter living room when it comes to comfort too. Some noise canceling curtains are going to keep the outside noises away from your house. The variety is impressive, and the color combinations are going to satisfy most. Take your time when selecting, though.

   4. Add pictures of things that bring you joy

Taking a look at someone you love throughout the day brings you joy and makes you smile. What better way to make a house yours but photos of your family and friends hanging on the walls? There are so many creative ways to display them without cluttering your home. Don’t be afraid to combine the individual frames with the canvases type.

   5. Never undermine the power of lighting

Lights may create a lovely vibe or may ruin it entirely. This is why you should put some effort into it when selecting the lights, both for outdoor and indoor.

    Outdoor lighting

String lights look amazing, and you should take a look at them. Add lights to the outdoor table area for creating a warmer feel.

There are plenty of options for the outdoor lighting, so spend some time selecting for your yard. Once you know exactly what feel you want to create for your home, it’s going to be easier to get the outdoor lighting that matches that feel.

    Indoor lighting

When it’s sunny outside, you should take advantage of the natural light and let it come inside your home. Natural lighting is very good for photography too.

Don’t forget to open the windows and doors on a sunny day. The natural scents are going to come inside, helping your home feel cozier.

A rainbow fan is a great item when you also have kids. It’s fun and brings out the color of your rugs.

As long as you’re using them safely, you should also get some candles. Not only that they give such a lovely light, but they also give a pleasant smell. There’s no better way to create a romantic feel but lighting some candles.

   6. Eliminate clutter

Eliminate clutter

One of the best things that you can do for your house is to eliminate clutter. When you less stuff around the house, the stress is lower. Did you know that a messy kitchen may even cause you to eat more?

Make time and eliminate clutter in your house. Use boxes for organizing things and get rid of the ones you’re not using anymore. Don’t forget about your closets too. Throw/give away what you haven’t been wearing for a year now. Ask yourself, “Am I using this?” If the answer is “No,” you know what to do.

   7. Add some fresh flowers

As long as the table isn’t cluttered, you should add a nice centerpiece for creating a nice atmosphere of a space. Not only that they bring a sense of nature in your home, but they also smell nice. You don’t need a reason for buying fresh flowers. Making you feel special is enough.

   8. Create a nook area

Creating a nook area in a house is going to create a comfy zone. You may have this area anywhere in your household. It can be the nook table that you use for breakfast or computer work and now and then. It can also be a couch full of pillows and blankets- it’s your house, remember?

Make it comfortable the way you like it. anytime you want to have a break from all the stress and hustle; the nook area is going to be there, waiting for you 

   9. Display some comfy pillows

Regardless of what one may think, pillows aren’t just for the nook area. They work in so many various spaces of our home. You can use them on your bed, but also outside your house when relaxing on your patio.

You should invest and get some nice pillows for your home. Try to combine various types of pillows. Long, throw pillows or pillows that sit at an angle so that you may read your favorite book. Get creative and dare to fill your home with pillows.

   10. Make your home smell good

If flowers give a fresh smell, cooking is going to give a pleasant smell. It’s a great feeling when you come back home to a nice smelling house. It washes away all the bad things that happened throughout the day. You suddenly feel happier about having a place to call home.

   11. Cook a bit more

Cook a bit more

You don’t need to be the greatest cook for this one. Eating brings family and friends together. If you’re not the cooking type, have some friends over and spend some time together, while they’re cooking. You can play your part by setting out the table, preparing the deserts or the wine.

Cooking is a lot more than eating; it’s a great way to spend time with the people you love and appreciate.

   12. Fire up the things

Just like the light of the candles, fire is also going to create a pleasant feel in your house. What better place to spend your time in the winter days but in front of your fireplace? Get your favorite blanket, sit on the comfy chair, and enjoy the light and warmth coming from the fireplace.

Let’s not forget that you can also use it outside your house too. Bonfires are a great choice for that so look into it.


12 Intriguing Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Comfortable

If you don’t feel comfortable in your home here are some changes you can make!