UV Protection and Polarized Sunglasses

What are UV protection and Polarized Sunglasses? Many people spend huge sums of money on sunglasses without even asking the questions above. Although buying an expensive pair of men’s sunglasses increases the chance they’ll offer UV protection and be Polarized- it’s far from a given fact, and definitely something worth asking about. UV protection:

UV protection stands for Ultraviolet protection. In addition to the light visible from the sun, it also emits several types of Ultraviolet Radiation. Though invisible to the human eye, extended exposure to UV radiation can cause serious eye problems including cataracts, snow blindness and various forms of eye cancer. New studies suggest that HEV (high energy visible) radiation, AKA “blue light”, can also cause retinal damage, despite being lower in energy than UV Radiation. There are several different sunglasses standards referring to the sunglasses ability to filter different types of radiation (for more information regarding radiation see the following link) UV Protection and Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized Sunglasses: Polarized Sunglasses filter out certain elements of light- mainly glare from surfaces like water, snow and glass. Unlike UV protection, this isn’t essential to your health, but in certain situations they might be able to prevent exposure to certain hazards. DesignerOptics can help you to find out your polarized & versace sunglasses.

The only downside of Polarized Sunglasses is that they sometimes block out wanted glare from electronic devices such as GPS’s and cell phones. Despite that, for outdoor activities Polarized Sunglasses can offer a great advantage, improving overall visibility by getting rid of the unnecessary glare. If your lifestyle requires spending a lot of time driving, on water or on snow, you may want to buy Polarized Sunglasses.

UV protection and Polarized Sunglasses- Finding the right pair: In addition to style, fit, material and more, providing UV, HEV and glare protection are a major part of what define good sunglasses. True- You might have to pay a little more, but these “quality” components look out for your health which is arguably the most important function sunglasses provide.

Look for Sunglasses that block 100% of the harmful UV rays and most of the HEV rays. If you’re outdoors a lot, Polarized sunglasses might make a huge difference!